Our Investment Philosophy

Silver Leaf Partner’s™ investment philosophy stems from 14 years of investment management experience, and is characterized as momentum-growth with options overlay.  The global universe of equity investments allows us to identify, develop and exploit when applying our methodology directly to sector allocation weightings.  The options overlay excludes all short-sale activity and is responsible for producing the portfolios free-cash flow envisioned to compliment the momentum growth.  SLP uses the overlay model to cover fund expenses, provide ongoing liquidity for the various aspects of the portfolio, as well as provide the partial reinvestment of capital to compound our rate of return.

It’s important to note, SLP™ does not use short positions, nor leverage, to produce the portfolio outcomes investors expect.  SLP™ utilizes a disciplined and adaptable approach to capital markets, by strategically Overweighting, Underweighting, or Avoiding specific sectors during each of our four defined environments.  While some managers have complicated, opaque holdings, SLP™ is able to effectuate our strategy through the use of highly liquid equity securities, simplifying the process for all parties involved.  SLP™ can accurately determine which sectors at any given time are the best to receive a capital allocation, while others may receive nothing until the environmental change triggers a reallocation of capital and sector allocation weights.  While SLPs™ investment philosophy may seem overly simplistic, or an industry common place, it’s how we produce the portfolio that embodies a truly distinct and industry changing investment approach.



Our Team stems from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing unique views and ideas to the table to help serve our clients.