The challenge is finding the delicate balance of investment intelligence using traditional investment wisdom

Andrew Jaeger

Andrew has over 14 years of portfolio management and investment experience.  He began his financial career with Apex Investment Advisors, then joined Mantei & Associates where he became one of their most sought after advisors, an accomplishment he repeated with INVEST Financial & LPL Financial while he owned Jaeger Capital. Andrew evolved an investment strategy approach that allowed him to steadily grow wealth while seeking to minimize risk by exploiting interest rate environments and targeting an equity momentum growth strategy. 

In 2008 Andrew started Jaeger Capital Management, LLC which he quickly built into a firm managing over $100 million in AUM. As Managing Member of Jaeger Capital, Andrew has consulted with hundreds of clients & institutions across the U.S.   He specialized in multigenerational wealth transfer strategies, and creating institutional referral systems.  He has been portfolio manager for Jaeger Capital since 2008 where his consulting and advisory activity complemented the capital allocation process and defined his portfolio management strategy.

In December 2018, Andrew created RIA firm Silver Leaf Partners as a private fund manager seeking to implement his portfolio management strategy at a higher level.  Since starting SLP, Andrew, with his partner Wil Patterson, have created & implemented a proprietary trading system utilizing augmented intelligence within a rules-based algorithm.  The technology code required to create, test and  implement the A.I aspects of the algorithm were built in-house to fully protect their intellectual property now utilized by the 18th Factor Community Momentum Fund & SMA accounts for their private client group.


In connection with SLP’s formation, Andrew & Wil sought to create the financial industry’s first “charitable” hedge fund wherein 50% of 18th Factor, LLC’s, the fund’s General Partner, profit incentive allocation is donated to charitable causes around the world through a South Carolina charitable subsidiary; The Charitable Edge LLC. This first generation business model allows the client and the general partner to provide significant charitable “giving” while leading South Carolina in the Global Community Impact Space as a socially sustainable investment firm.  This feature, the “Charitable Profit Share”, is described more fully in another section of this document and was created to provide an alternative to “Donor-Advised Funds” provided by other financial institutions.

Andrew holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of South Carolina and lives in Prosperity, South Carolina with his wife Abigail.

3561 Dreher Shoals Rd, Irmo, SC 29063  |   803-351-0574